Foot and Ankle Care Services

At Family Foot and Ankle Physicians, we offer a wide variety of foot and ankle care services. We truly pride ourselves on giving our patients personal attention to find solutions that best meet them and their foot and ankle issues.


This is the removal of dead, damaged, or infected tissues within the foot. This promotes healing and increased health. This procedure is performed in a variety of ways depending on severity, as surgery, mechanical, or chemical processes.

Diagnostic Imaging

From X-Rays, to ultrasounds, and doppler, we have all of the imaging techniques needed to determine and diagnose exactly what is going on and how to treat your ailment.
Bandaged Foot — Podiatrist in Greenville, NC

On-Site Surgery


Routine Foot Care

This includes cleaning, trimming, cutting, and removal of toenails, callouses, and corns. Route foot care services are usually regularly cared for by a physician, and are often elderly or diagnosed with diabetes.