About Family Foot & Ankle Physicians

Who should see a podiatrist? Everyone, especially children! Most foot problems begin when we are very young; however they do not become problematic until we are older. We could avoid many problems such as bunions, hammertoes, and heel pain and ankle weakness if our first visit to the podiatrist was at the age of 3-just like the dentist.

It is so important to be evaluated at a young age, especially if our parents or grandparents have foot deformities. Some foot problems are hereditary.

It is also essential that diabetics and those with poor circulation be seen on a regular basis due to their chances of increased infections. Lastly, it is not normal to have foot pain. You do not have to live with this and should see a podiatrist to diagnose the problem.

Dr. Stancil started Family Foot & Ankle Physicians January 2001 specializing in complete medical and surgical care for residents of Eastern North Carolina. He provides care that includes treatment of fractures, trauma and sport injuries. »read more